What’s on your mind? Get quick answers to your pressing questions about Eugene’s independent garbage disposal service. And if your question is “Can you help me?”—the answer is always “Absolutely”! Drop us a line anytime.

I’m moving–how can I cancel or transfer my service?

My bill came—how do I pay?

My roll cart is damaged! What should I do?

I’ve got a back room full of old TVs and computer monitors. Can I just chuck them into my normal trash container?

Help! I’ve got a pile of branches. How do I get rid of them?

I think you forgot me—my carts are still full. Now what?

What can go into my gray yard debris cart?

What can’t go in the green recycling cart?

What can’t go in the red glass bin?

What goes into the green recycling cart?

What goes into the red recycling bin?

What if my items still have life left in them?

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