Local Means Local

They say you should grow where you’re planted—and at Apex, that means the vibrant community of Eugene. Our roots are right here, and our business can thrive only when our city does too. Picking up trash and recycling is what we do, but going the extra mile for our neighbors is what we’re all about.

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Planted with pride

Local Roots

In 1948, a European immigrant named Samuel Miller bought an old truck and started a garbage route for his Portland neighbors. From that spark of gumption, a family legacy was born—and three generations later, it’s still going strong. The family—and the company—soon put down permanent roots in Eugene, and our passion for this city is the bedrock of our business.

For Eugene, by Eugene

Sturdy Branches

From our trucks roaming the roads to the yes-we-can folks answering the phone, we’re here to keep Eugene’s neighborhoods thriving. That’s why when we say local, we mean fiercely local: no out-of-state other guy pulling money from our city’s economy. Because we live and work here, right alongside you—and the strength of our community lies in our unity.

Flourishing community

Green Leaves

What comes around goes around... something you learn first-hand in our line of work! Great grand-dad Samuel always searched his truck for toss-offs he could repair and re-use—and that waste-not mindset still drives us today. From pollution-reducing truck routes to sustainability resources for our customers, it’s our business to keep Eugene clean and green.

Values that matter

Emerald Ecosystem

At the end of the day, how we do business is what sets us apart. Our values are all about creating win-wins for the Emerald City—its economy, its environment, and its people. That means nurturing relationships and giving back to our community, because what matters to you matters to us. Read more about the values we put to work every day.

We have been exceptionally pleased with the services provided by Apex! They are always willing and able to help us with our special projects and their quick service can’t be beat.

Eric Zemper

Eugene Mission

Apex drivers are so thoughtful with their customers. Since my now 2-year-old grandson was 6 months old, our driver has acknowledged his excitement with a wave or a honk. Things like this truly make your company stand out from my previous provider.


They are really reliable with their service. If there is ever an issue they are very responsive and friendly and can look up info right away. They can always resolve my issues immediately.


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