Trash Guide

Join us in keeping our community clean and green. To help you, the community, and our drivers stay safe, follow these simple rules. And most importantly: before you trash it, check to see if it can be recycled or reused!


Trash containers hold life’s messes—but it’s not a debris free-for-all. Get to know what goes in (and what stays out).

YES: General trash

All of life’s little messes that can’t be composted, recycled, or reused—into the trash cart!

YES: Food-contaminated paper products

Pepperoni-peppered pizza boxes, frosting-covered cake containers...anything that has food residue goes in the trash, not the recycling.

Frozen Food Boxes Icon
YES: Most frozen food boxes

Paper that has a waxy coating—used in most frozen food boxes to protect against moisture—can’t be recycled, so toss it in the trash.

YES: Food wrappers

When you’ve had a snack attack, toss those cheese-dusted bags and packs into the blue cart.

YES: Diapers & pet waste

The stinky stuff? Straight to the trash (and not into your gray yard debris cart, please!).

YES: Most styrofoam

If you can’t find a new use for your packing peanuts, off to the landfill they’ll go.

Empty Paint Cans Icon
Yes: Empty metal paint cans

Empty paint cans can go into your normal trash bin. Just make sure any residual paint inside is totally dry before you toss them. Need to get rid of paint-filled cans? Give us a ring and we'll help you get it sorted.

Alkaline Batteries Icon
Yes: Alkaline batteries

As long as they're not rechargeable, you can dump dead alkaline batteries into the trash, but not the recycling.

Incandescent Light Bulbs Icon
Yes: Incandescent light bulbs

Regular incandescent light bulbs can go in your regular trash bin (please secure them safely so they don't fill your bin with shards of broken glass). For fluorescent bulb disposal, call Lane County Waste Management at 541-682-4120.

Yes: Personal hygiene products

Worry not, you can toss those personal hygiene products into your normal trash.

Plastic Bags Icon
Yes: Plastic bags

These can't be recycled, so go ahead and put them in your trash cart.

Shrink Wrap Icon
Yes: Shrink wrap

Since shrink wrap can't be recycled, you're free and clear to throw it out in the trash.

No: Electronics

Computers, laptops, TVs, monitors, tablets, printers, or battery charging packs aren't allowed. Visit to find local free recycling options.

NO: Hazardous wastes and liquids

Toxic trash? Keep it out of that beautiful blue bin.

NO: Heavy debris

Skip the heavy lifting. Concrete, rocks, or anything weighing over 150 pounds need special handling.

NO: Oversized items

Don’t jam junk into your blue bin—that lid needs to close!

Miscellaneous Junk Refuse Icon
NO: Miscellaneous

Hot ashes, dirt, and sod? They’re not great garbage material. Call us if you have special disposal needs

No: Box springs

That squeaky box spring is too big for trash day—call us to schedule a bulk item pickup instead.

No: Kitchen appliances

Don't toss out those old kitchen appliances! If they're still functioning, please donate them to a local charity. Otherwise, contact us and we'll discuss your options.

Other Batteries Icon
No: Other batteries

All non-alkaline batteries need special handling—including batteries for your laptop or other devices. To recycle button, rechargeable alkaline, ni-Cad, lithium, and silver oxide batteries, contact Lane County Waste Management at 541-682-4120 or check with battery and electronic stores.

No: Latex paint

Latex paint is considered hazardous waste and cannot go out in the regular trash. For disposal options, call Lane County Waste Management at 541-682-4120.

No: Mattresses

You might want to pitch that sagging mattress into the trash, but it's too big for normal pickup. Call our friendly trash team to schedule a bulk pickup and we'll get it off your hands.

No: Medical sharps

Keep those sharps out of the trash, please. Oregon State law mandates proper storage and disposal of used sharps (including needles, lancets, and syringes). Store sharps in an approved biohazard container and contact Lane County Waste Management at 541-682-4120 for drop-off options or check with your local pharmacist or physician.

No: Propane tanks

Propane tanks are hazardous waste, so we can’t pick them up. Contact Lane County Waste Management at 541-682-4120 to find out where you can drop off your tank.

Rechargeable Batteries Icon
No: Rechargeable batteries

Sorry, rechargeable batteries need special handling, so keep them out of your trash bin. To dispose of them safely, contact Lane County Waste Management at 541-682-4120 or check with battery and electronic stores

No: Vehicle batteries

It's dangerous to throw out old car batteries, so please keep them out of your trash! The good news is we can help you recycle them—give us a call to make arrangements.

No: Fluorescent light Bulbs

Whether they're tubes or CFCs, fluorescent bulbs have hazardous mercury inside, so keep them out of your trash. Call Lane County Waste Management at 541-682-4120 for disposal options or check with a local hardware store.


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