Business Trash & Recycling

Partner up with the only all-local, independent hauler in Eugene for commercial recycling and garbage service. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop or a bustling corporate headquarters, we’ll customize a fair-priced plan for your unique trash and recycling needs.

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Always going the extra mile for your business—that’s our business at Apex!


Sustainable Eugene: commercial recycling practices that keep our community healthy.


Your business deserves the best rates in Eugene for commercial garbage service.


You’re local, we’re local—and together we keep our city’s economy strong.


Your business doesn’t have time to waste on waste. When you sign up with Apex, you’ll get a responsive curbside crew who keeps everything clean as a whistle for you—along with customer service focused on making things easier for you, not us.

Apex Blue Trash Dumpster
Tailored trash service 

One size does not fit all when it comes to your business! Meeting your unique needs is our specialty, from book shops to bakeries to bowling alleys—and beyond! Let our expert customer service team tailor a trash hauling plan that works for you and your budget. 

Our exceptional service plans include recycling pickup for one fair price. We’ve got your back—and your trash and recycling!

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Spick-and-span is the name of the game 

After each pickup, we’ll scrape and deodorize your containers. And our drivers keep an eye out for loose debris so you don’t have to. Less fuss, less yuck for you!

Garbage emergency? We’re on it!

You run a tight ship, and we’re here to help when rough seas rise. If you need same-day emergency pickup or overflow service, count on us to swoop in swiftly. 

Your business deserves the best value in Eugene for commercial garbage service. When we create your custom garbage hauling plan, know that we’re committed to giving you a fair price for our exceptional, local service. Shoot us a message for a quote today.

What is a cubic yard?

A cubic yard is a measure of volume—3'x3'x3'. That’s roughly the size of a clothes dryer. We use cubic yards to describe how much our large containers can hold.

Do you remove commercially generated hazardous waste?

Unfortunately, Apex cannot accept commercially generated hazardous waste. But we know who can help! Call Lane County Waste Management at 541-682-4120 for local disposal options.

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When it comes to capacity, you’ve got plenty of options: 

1 yard: 38" tall x 82" wide x 30" deep 

1.5 yard: 44" tall x 82" wide x 35" deep 

2 yard: 45" tall x 82" wide x 37" deep 

3 yard: 50" tall x 82" wide x 44" deep 

4 yard: 50" tall x 82" wide x 58" deep 

5 yard: 48" tall x 82" wide x 70" deep

6 yard: 62" tall x 82" wide x 66" deep

Every container comes with a free locking device—sorry, trash pandas! 

1 Yard Blue Trash Container
1.5 Yard 44
2 Yard 37
3 Yard 50
4 Yard Grey Trash Container
5 Yard 70
6 Yard Trash Container with Wheels


Take one line item out of your business budget: Apex business customers get free recycling pickups with trash removal service! It’s our way of giving back to our customers, and the planet.

Apex Business Trash Pickups and Recycling

Keep Eugene clean by recycling right! With a little work, you can put less trash in the landfill. We call that a big win! 

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Recycling rules—if you follow the recycling rules. You’ll receive two containers to make sorting a snap. 

Make sure your recyclables end up in the right place—and not the landfill. Dig into the details of recycling right in our handy recycling guide.

Recycling guide

Good news! Recycling is included with your customized trash & recycling monthly plan. Interested in recycling-only service? Get in touch and we’ll sort out a plan that works for your business.

Do you recycle styrofoam?

It’s a bummer, but no—block styrofoam, the kind that protects fragile goods and electronics, cannot be recycled. If you have the space, hang onto it for next time you need to mail a breakable birthday present.

Packing peanuts can’t be recycled either, but they can often be rehomed. Check in with local shipping companies—they might welcome your cast-off peanuts!

Should I bag my recyclables?

Nope—toss those clean recyclables straight into the cart. Bags are a no-no because they gum up the works at the recycling facility.

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Get the ideal capacity for your business. Choose your size (cart or container) and fill it with just about everything you need to send to the recycling plant! 

The smaller red bin is for clean glass and certain recyclable fluids (in tightly sealed containers).

2 Yard 45
4 Yard Red Recycling Container
65 Gallon Trash Container with Wheels
95 Gallons 31

I don’t think I’ve ever had better customer service from any company, ever!

Teri Reifer

The Friendly Garden

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I wanted to pass along a huge thank you to our trash pickup driver who has gone above and beyond on multiple occasions!


Residential Customer

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We have been exceptionally pleased with the services provided by Apex! They are always willing and able to help us with our special projects and their quick service can’t be beat.

Eric Zemper

Eugene Mission

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Let’s make this easy! Use our self-service portal to to quickly make changes, request a one-time pickup, and more. Need help from a friendly human? Just give us a ring at (541) 607-2042 or send us a message.


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