What’s on your mind? Get quick answers to your pressing questions about Eugene’s independent garbage disposal service. And if your question is “Can you help me?”—the answer is always “Absolutely”! Drop us a line anytime.

What is household hazardous waste and how do I dispose of it?

Should I bag my recyclables?

Do you recycle styrofoam?

Any chance you have an automatic payment plan?

I’m headed on vacation—can I get a credit since I won’t need service?

What materials can go into our recycling container?

We’re excited to be a part of the Love Food Not Waste program! What kind of things can go in the food waste bin?

When will you bill me?

Can I put rocks and sod in my yard cart?

What can’t go in the green recycling cart?

I’ve got a back room full of old TVs and computer monitors. Can I just chuck them into my normal trash container?

Help! I’ve got a pile of branches. How do I get rid of them?

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