Ready for mulch madness? Every other week we’ll haul your leaves, trimmings, and plate scrapings to a local composting facility. Voila—your leftovers and leaves are transformed into nourishing, natural fertilizer.


Your gray cart gobbles up anything compostable—from banana peels to pine needles. We’ve got a list of all the wonderful things you can—and can’t—compost below. If any of the prohibited items make their way into your gray cart, we’ll need to send everything to the landfill and charge you a disposal fee.

YES: Lawn clippings, leaves, pine needles

Sweep it all up, scoop the pile into the gray cart to be composted!

YES: Small tree limbs and branches

If they’re less than three feet long (about the length of a guitar) and four inches in diameter (a little larger than a deck of cards), we’ll grind them into compost.

YES: Plate scrapings

Rice, dairy, bread bits, and more. Anything edible is also compostable!

YES: Eggshells and coffee grounds

When you’re cleaning up after breakfast, toss those scraps into the gray cart.

YES: Fruit and vegetable peels and seeds

Every last bit of your fruit and veg can go into the cart and back to the earth.

Garbage Icon
NO: Garbage

Your grey cart can’t do it all. Keep your garbage in the garbage bin!

NO: Some varieties of vegetation/trimmings

Don’t contaminate your cart with logs, oversized trimmings, stumps, root wads, or poisonous vegetation.

NO: Liquids

Keep your yard debris dry—no liquids of any kind.

NO: Pet waste

Please throw kitty’s clumps and doggy’s droppings in the trash.

NO: Miscellaneous junk and refuse

Lumber, plastic bags, rubber objects, paper products, and “compostable” serviceware.


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