Are you ready to make a little mulch magic? With yard and food waste disposal service, you can turn banana peels, leaves, and organic waste into nutrient-rich compost without lifting a finger! It’s all part of our commitment to protecting the environment, one apple core at a time.

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Neighborly Values


Going the extra mile for our neighbors—that’s just business as usual at Apex!


Whatever you toss out, we dispose of it with environmentally friendly practices.


Get the best deal around for residential trash service in Eugene, Oregon.


Keep your money right here—and our economy strong—with a 100% local hauler.


Compost for our community! Yard and food waste disposal in Eugene, Oregon is easy with Apex. Keep your kitchen and lawn waste out of the landfill—and put it to work for a lush landscape.


Did you know that 30% of trash could be composted? With carts that hold up to 120 pounds of yard debris, imagine the impact you could have on the environment if you joined the composting revolution! 

Every other week, our friendly local drivers will take your food scraps and yard waste to a local facility that transforms your apple cores, limp lettuce, broken branches, and lawn clippings into compost—aka, black gold. 

The yard debris & food waste pickup day is the same as your regular garbage collection, meaning you’ll have one less thing to remember every week!

Fill your cart 

Place your compostable waste in the gray cart for bi-weekly pick-up on the same day as your regular garbage collection. What can you compost? 

  • lawn clippings, leaves, pine needles 

  • tree limbs and branches  

  • plate scrapings—from chicken bones to leftover yogurt   

  • egg shells and coffee grounds 

  • fruit and vegetable peels and seeds 

Don’t trash your trash 

One bad apple will spoil the bunch. What can’t you compost? 

  • pet waste (we love dogs and cats—but their droppings wreck the compost!) 

  • ashes, loose dirt, sod, gravel, rocks, or bricks

  • liquids (including motor oil, paint, solvents)

  • logs, trees, or trimmings that prevent cart lid from closing (remember what we said about the lid?) 

  • lumber, stumps, root wads, or poisonous vegetation 

  • plastic bags, metal, rubber objects or garbage

  • paper products and compostable serviceware (plates, cups, bowls, forks, spoons, etc.)

If any of the above contaminate your compostables, we’ll need to send all your scraps to the landfill and charge you a disposal fee. We don’t want that to happen, so check out our yard debris guide for even more details.

Yard debris guide

Within Eugene

If your address is within the city limits, yard debris pickup is included free with your trash and recycling service! We’ll empty your gray cart every other week. 

Lane County

If you’re outside the Eugene city limits, we’ll come by every other week for your gray cart—it costs just $5.25 per month.

Not sure exactly where your address falls? Want to see if there are different size or frequency options for your specific location? Shoot us a message and we’ll explore all the options rates for your home!

When can I expect the Apex truck to arrive?

Our friendly drivers start their day early, so please have your carts and bins out by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled pickup day—or the night before, if you’re not a morning person! We aim to come by around the same time each pickup, but with crazy weather, unpredictable traffic, and potential mechanical mishaps, your pickup time might vary from week to week.

Once the truck has come and gone, don’t forget to move your empty bins & carts off the curb by midnight in line with local ordinances.

Remember, all your carts go out on the same day of the week. Your big green and little red recycling containers will be emptied every week. We pick up your gray yard debris cart every other week. And the blue trash cart is emptied either weekly or biweekly, depending on your service plan. Check your collection schedule here.

Help! I’ve got a pile of branches. How do I get rid of them?

Good news! Any branches less than three feet long and less than four inches in diameter can fit into a yard debris cart. For Hulk-sized branches, drop us a line and we’ll give you additional pickup options.

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Your yard debris cart has 65 gallons of capacity—so fill ‘er up! Just keep these tips in mind:

Items in the cart must be less than four inches in diameter (a little larger than a tuna can) and under three feet long (around the length of a guitar) 

Keep it light—the cart must weigh less than 120 pounds, and the lid must close!

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65 Gallon Yard Debris Container with Wheels

Thank you to whoever is on my route. There was a day that I was too sick to pull my cans all the way to the curb and the driver jumped out of the cab and pulled two very full recycling and trash cans down the remainder of the way to the curb. I am so very appreciative of service like that - he took the time to lend a hand, and boy did we appreciate it.


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They are really reliable with their service. If there is ever an issue they are very responsive and friendly and can look up info right away. They can always resolve my issues immediately.


Residential Customer

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I have been an Apex customer for a few years now and am happy to say I have always been pleased with your service.


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I wanted to pass along a huge thank you to our trash pickup driver who has gone above and beyond on multiple occasions!


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I was shocked when I called and reached a real person — and they were so kind and helpful. I was blown away by how easy it was!


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Let’s make this easy! Use our self-service portal to to quickly make changes, request a one-time pickup, and more. Need help from a friendly human? Just give us a ring at (541) 607-2042 or send us a message.


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