What’s on your mind? Get quick answers to your pressing questions about Eugene’s independent garbage disposal service. And if your question is “Can you help me?”—the answer is always “Absolutely”! Drop us a line anytime.

What do I do with my Christmas tree?

Do you remove commercially generated hazardous waste?

Do you have locking containers?

It’s been quite a week—and we’ve got extra trash. Now what?

Is it okay to place my flattened cardboard next to the green cart?

How can I get rid of an old fridge, freezer, or AC?

My garbage floweth over—any chance I can get a special pickup ahead of my normal service day?

Help! It’s a holiday week and I can’t remember when I need to put my carts out.

How do I dispose of a propane tank?

How do I dispose of sharps, needles, or lancets?

It’s pickup day! Where do I put the cart?

What about the weeks when I have less trash? Can I get a discount?

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