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Maggie’s Story

When Maggie moved into a new home a few years ago, it was the first time she’d been responsible for her own trash and recycling. Maggie recalls the uncertainty she felt: “This stuff might seem basic to other people, but it was all new to me, so it felt very daunting.” 

That worry quickly turned to relief when Maggie called Apex. “I was shocked when I called and reached a real person,” she says, “and they were so kind and helpful.” Maggie enjoyed the stellar customer service that we pride ourselves on — and she was all set with her service in a snap. “I was blown away by how easy it was!”

A commitment to service has been the hallmark of Maggie’s Apex experience ever since. She appreciates the ability to get clear, timely information right when she needs it. “When the recent ice storm hit, it was on my trash day,” she recalls, “and Apex shared info about what was happening through email and Facebook.” 

Even when skies are sunny, Maggie says, that strong sense of customer service is invaluable. “Even if I have ‘stupid’ questions, the people at Apex don’t think they’re stupid!” she says. “Whenever I call, everyone is very responsive and kind.”

We’re honored to know that our commitment to providing the best customer service — from move-in day to every day — has made trash day easier and more pleasant for Maggie. That’s what helping neighbors is all about!

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