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Leaf collection day guidelines

Watching the trees blaze into brilliant colors is one of our favorite things about autumn in Eugene! Once the leaves start piling up on the ground, though, we all have to do our part to keep our streets clean and safe—and that includes making way for trash trucks during city and county leaf collection.

When you have leaves in the street for leaf collection days, please follow these guidelines to be sure the arms on our trucks can reach your bins:

  • Place your carts in the street next to your leaf pile, with the wheels touching the curb

  • If you cannot put your carts in the street, place them in the corners of your driveway

  • Keep three feet of distance between all carts and parked vehicles

  • Do not place carts behind a leaf pile—our trucks cannot reach them!

A safe and fun fall for all

Jumping into leaf piles is fun for kids and dogs—but not for our trucks and drivers! To protect driver safety, we cannot drive through leaf piles or move carts that are blocked by leaves. If piles prevent our truck arms from reaching your carts, we won’t be able to empty them. 

Please help keep our streets clean of both leaves and trash with the guidelines above. Happy raking! 

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