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I wanted to pass along a huge thank you to our trash pickup driver who has gone above and beyond on multiple occasions!


Residential Customer

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I was shocked when I called and reached a real person — and they were so kind and helpful. I was blown away by how easy it was!


Residential Customer

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Your driver stopped to give us a tiny white Apex truck to give to our grandchild, who lives in Europe and absolutely loves trucks. All I can say is THANK YOU and let you know how much we appreciate you!


Residential Customer

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Your drivers usually wave back or sometimes even toot the horn at kids waving at your trucks. The other day, one of your drivers stopped his truck (even had to back it up a bit), and gave the kiddo a miniature Apex blue can! We were overjoyed!


Residential Customer

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They are really reliable with their service. If there is ever an issue they are very responsive and friendly and can look up info right away. They can always resolve my issues immediately.


Residential Customer

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Thank you to whoever is on my route. There was a day that I was too sick to pull my cans all the way to the curb and the driver jumped out of the cab and pulled two very full recycling and trash cans down the remainder of the way to the curb. I am so very appreciative of service like that - he took the time to lend a hand, and boy did we appreciate it.


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You want to be able to call someone and have them answer the phone—and I can always get whatever help I need from Apex.


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Whenever I call, everyone is very responsive and kind.


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I have been an Apex customer for a few years now and am happy to say I have always been pleased with your service.


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Service you can trust

Your choice for quality

When it comes to trash and recycling service, the Emerald City is unique: you have a choice. When you switch to Apex, you’re opting for the highest quality service. From crews that go the extra mile on pick-up day to friendly neighbors helping you on the phone, count on Apex to make your life cleaner, greener, and easier!

Neighborly Values


Going the extra mile for our neighbors—that’s just business as usual at Apex!


Whatever you toss out, we dispose of it with environmentally friendly practices.


Get the best deal around for residential trash service in Eugene, Oregon.


Keep your money right here—and our economy strong—with a 100% local hauler.

Community-conscious service

Rely on Apex for on-time, always-friendly service at your curb—with sustainable practices that keep our communities clean and healthy.

Apex Blue Container

Picking up trash and recycling is what we do, but going the extra mile for our neighbors is what we’re all about. As a 100% locally owned and operated company, our values are built around helping our communities thrive. 

  • Eco-conscious practices

  • Local-economy stewardship

  • Exceptional customer service

  • Best-value prices 

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You’ve got options! Weekly or bi-weekly pickups, with three cart options to fit your family’s needs. Whether you’re within the Eugene city limits our further out in Lane County, our fair prices, friendly crews, and eco-conscious practices are designed to make everything easy on you.

Need a personalized solution? Shoot us a message and we’ll set you up with the just-right plan for your household. 


Recycling done right means less energy waste, less refuse in the landfill—and more savings in your pocket. That’s why recycling is included as part of your weekly trash service at no additional cost. 

Clean and green is the name of the game at Apex, and recycling is one way we can all work together to keep Eugene’s environment healthy. Learn how to do your part with our handy recycling guide.

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Did you know that 30% of trash could be composted? Apex makes it easy for everyone to help preserve and protect our local environment! Our friendly local drivers will take your food scraps and yard waste to a local facility that transforms your apple cores, limp lettuce, broken branches, and lawn clippings into compost—aka, black gold. Discover all the things you can compost with our yard debris and food waste guide.


If your address is within the city limits, yard debris pickup is included free with your trash and recycling service! We’ll empty your gray cart every other week, on the same day as your regular garbage collection.


If you’re outside Eugene city limits, we’ll come by every other week for your yard debris cart—it costs just $5.25 a month. Get in touch if you’re not quite sure where your address falls.

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How do I switch to Apex from another hauler?

The process is easy-peasy. Just fill out this form and we’ll get in touch to start your service right when you need it—so you won’t have any overlap or go a week without a pickup.

How do I get help or manage my service?

From the comfort of your couch! You can change your cart size, request an extra yard cart, pay your bill, and more online. Or give us a call at (541) 607-2042 for fast, friendly service. Prefer email? Shoot a message to info@apexdisposalservices.com.

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One size does not fit all—so pick the ideal capacity for your household! Choose from a 35, 65, or 95-gallon cart. You can switch to a bigger or smaller cart any time. 


Your 65-gallon cart has plenty of room for recyclables, so fill ‘er up! Use the smaller red bin for clean glass and certain recyclable fluids (in tightly sealed containers).


With your 65-gallon cart, you can transform tons of food scraps and yard waste into compost. The more you compost, the happier the environment!

35 Gallon Blue Trash Container
65 Gallons Blue Recycling Container
95 Gallons 31
65 Gallons Green Recycling Container
Red Colored Glass Recycling Container
65 Gallon Yard Debris Container with Wheels

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