What can’t go in the green recycling cart?

Sorting out recyclables from throw-out-ables can get a little tricky. Here’s a handy list of items that commonly confuse our customers. These all belong in the trash or require special handling:

  • Garden: flowers, plants, yard debris, bird seed, dirt, weed cover (all that goes in your gray yard debris cart!)
  • Home improvement: barbecue grills, wood, drywall, air conditioner filters, insulation, paint cans, oil, house siding, rags, broom handles, air mattresses, carpets, padding, rugs (if you’re DIYing, you might want a temporary cleanup container)
  • Household: napkins, furniture, window blinds, screens, pillows, shower curtains, towels, welcome mats, blankets, sheets
  • Personal items: backpacks, clothing, shoes, stuffed animals, toys (remember to donate anything that has life left in it)
  • Cleaning supplies: dryer sheets, lint, vacuum bags, sponges
  • Electronics: satellite dishes, power strips, neon lights, electronics, car speakers
  • Miscellaneous: full bottles of soda, ash trays/ashes/cigarettes, diapers, styrofoam, quarts of oil, bags of trash, cat box/litter, vinyl bags, pottery, porcelain, human & animal hair
  • Food: Put those compostable scraps in the gray cart, not the recycling!
  • Certain plastics: If it’s not a clear plastic beverage container or milk jug, leave it out—we can’t accept other plastics like jugs, tubs, or other containers of any kind

For more instructions and a detailed list of items that can and cannot be recycled, check out the recycling guide.