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Severe Weather Collection - Wednesday Dec 29th

Due to the snowy conditions on neighborhood streets caused by the winter storm we have to alter some of our operations - We are currently working today to complete our Wednesday routes in the Danebo, River Rd & Coburg Rd areas. We are also picking up the lower, flat areas south of W 18th St. If weather conditions worsen, we may be forced to suspend operations due to safety concerns.

We will NOT be operating residential collection routes in the South Eugene hills due to weather until roads conditions are safe enough to conduct operations.

We will be working as quickly as possible in spite of the bad road conditions to complete the routes. We ask for your patience and for you to do the following:


IF YOUR CARTS DO NOT GET EMPTIED ON YOUR NORMAL DAY; LEAVE THEM AT THE CURB FOR PICKUP THE FOLLOWING DAY. (i.e. - if your pickup day is Tuesday and your carts do not get emptied Tuesday, leave them out for pickup on Wednesday)

We are unable to haul yard debris during these cold temperatures as the material freezes in the carts and we need all available trucks to collect trash and recycling. As such if your yard debris does not get emptied on the normal schedule, we will collect it on your next regularly scheduled pickup week. We apologize for this inconvenience.

**We will continue to update the website news as we are able, so please check back.

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